Seamless, Secure and Reliable Communications

ST Engineering’s Manpack SATCOMs are highly portable satellite terminals that allow for the seamless acquisition of reliable voice, data and video communications on the go. Ruggedised to meet military specifications and IP standards, the Manpack SATCOMs are suitable for deployment in remote, challenging and dynamic environments.

A1000 Triband Parabolic Manpack

A1000 Parabolic Manpack is a custom-built Triband SATCOM terminal with an eye in providing high reliability, superior innovation and choice for users. This terminal is highly suited for operations in harsh environmental conditions. The equipment includes BUC, LNB, Modem, Power Supply, M&C, GPS and battery. Given its innovative design, the terminal is compact and lightweight without reducing any of its functionality. Deployment of the Manpack terminal is easy, with minimal assembly of separate parts and the antenna alignment is easily accomplished. Full deployment can be complete in less than 10 minutes, which is a rapid deployment in hostile environment.

A600 Triband Parabolic Manpack
A1000 Triband Parabolic Manpack