ProLITE Belt

As most belts in the market come with several subcomponents to cater to varied body proportions and functions, this creates the cumbersome problem where users may find the belt to be counter-intuitive to use. Our ProLITE belt addresses the problem by having a streamlined user-centric design that stays snug fit and comfortable during dynamic movements without compromising load-bearing capacity.

Key Features

  • Fit that makes you forget: Belt has a snug fit and is comfortable even during dynamic movements
  • Streamlined design for effective heat dispersion: Our 3-part hip belt design and strong laminate material allow soldiers to remove material where it is not needed
  • Durability: Highly fray-resistant laminate provides the ruggedness needed for the belt to stay functional during harsh conditions
  • Catered to all sizes and functions: Designed to fit 95th percentile of body proportions
  • User-centric design: Tightening on the go is made easy and belt design ensures minimal logistical maintenance