Issues such as poor heat dissipation, poor fit, and imbalanced weight distribution are issues that will decrease the combat effectiveness and sustainability of soldiers out in the field. To tackle such issues, the Personal Reinforced Outer Tactical Equipment Carrier (PROTEC) is designed to be lightweight, modular, and scalable. The following features would make PROTEC suitable for any mission profile and any soldier.

Key Features

  • Superior comfort: The durable and lightweight laminate material coupled with a low-profile laser-cut design facilitates heat dissipation and breathability
  • Versatile fit: Vest no longer feel constrictive due to the elastic bands which accommodates to change in torso dimensions when donning body armour, or when doing combat manoeuvres
  • Compatible with smart devices: Comes with MOLLE-compatible platform to allow the seamless integration of sensors and individual equipment for power/data management
  • Compatible with different usage profiles: Carriage capacity can be adjusted and different components, such as ballistic plate carriers, can be detached and reattached when needed
  • Even weight distribution: Adjustable lumbar support band and ergonomically designed yoke allow load to be distributed to the core and back trapezius muscles