There are various fabric options and processes available in the market that increases carrying capacity and durability. However, those often come with downsides such as increased weight, being aesthetically bulky, and being uncomfortable to wear for a prolonged period. Hence, we developed TITAN, our proprietary lightweight laminate fabric that is suitable for everyday outdoor and tactical use. Product made using TITAN laminate has a low-profile look, high-strength performance, and is lightweight.

Key Features

  • High durability for load-bearing applications: The laminate is tested to ensure that it can withstand environmental influences
  • Customisability: The material allows for various colours and prints to be imprinted on it
  • Fray-resistant: Reinforced to prevent fraying and improve durability
  • Lightweight and breathability: TITAN is made with lesser layers of fabrics to reduce weight while maintaining high-strength performance
  • Versatile: Suitable for all kinds of situations that require a high-performance fabric (e.g. public security, paramilitary, outdoor activities, fitness)