Belrex Protected Vehicle

Belrex Protected Vehicle

The Belrex Protected Vehicle is a multi-mission, multi-role family of platforms customised for urban combat missions. A rigid V-shaped hull enhances crew survivability against ballistic, mine and IED threats. High mobility, adaptability, heavy payload and network capabilities enable Infantry Forces to bring the entire combat resources to sustain fights in non-linear battle spaces.

Classified as MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) class, the four-wheeled armoured vehicle provides motorised infantry combat support and combat service support forces with improved firepower, protection and situational awareness to enhance their survivability. It is highly flexible, and can be configured to carry combat loads for a variety of combat support and logistical functions.

The Belrex Protected Vehicle, with ten variants - security, engineer, reconnaissance, logistics, fuel, mortar, medical, signal, maintenance and mortar ammunition carrier - serves as a key asset to armed forces and para military, offering protected mobility transport for combat and non-combat operational requirements.

The base platform comes in three basic crew compartment sizes – four, eight and ten. In addition to a remote machine gun and a smoke grenade launcher, the vehicle also has provisions for a suite of C4 systems, enabling co-operative engagement with other land combat platforms as part of a networked force. The vehicle can be deployed in peacekeeping roles in conflict areas and other para military roles.

In November 2016, the Singapore Army commissioned the Belrex Protected Combat Support Vehicle.

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