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Proven Capabilities for Modern Soldiers

With decades of expertise in the development of military technology and innovative engineering solutions, our military vehicles have proven their capabilities and combat readiness in battlefield mobility, personnel protection and firepower in combat deployment.

Our solutions include armoured vehicles such as the battle proven Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carriers (ATTC), the highly versatile Terrex Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) and the fully digitalised Hunter family of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV).

What We Do

Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)

Being the first fully digitalised platform of its kind with an integrated combat cockpit and Integrated Battlefield Management System (iBMS), the Hunter AFV offers superior firepower, protection, mobility and survivability. Jointly developed with the Singapore Armed Forces and the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), the Hunter AFV is ergonomically designed for the next-generation soldier and to meet the operational requirements for the future battlefield.

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Terrex Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV)

The range of Terrex 8x8 represents a new class of wheeled vehicles that is network-centric, highly mobile and survivable. The platform offers great flexibility in adopting any protection solutions, weapon configurations and vehicular customisation.

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Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier (ATTC)

The Bronco ATTC is designed to offer maximum survivability, superior payload and manoeuvrability in the most hostile environments. Proven and battlefield-tested, the all-terrain armoured vehicle is fully amphibious with excellent armoured protection and customisable variants to match a wide range of combat missions.

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Belrex Protected Vehicle

The Belrex Protected Vehicle is a multi-mission, multi-role family of platforms customised for urban combat missions. The rigid V-shaped hull enhances crew survivability against ballistic, mine and IED threats. With high mobility, adaptability, heavy payload and network capabilities, the Belrex enables Infantry Forces to bring full combat resources to sustain fights in non-linear battle spaces.

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Spider New Generation Light Strike Vehicle (LSV)

The Spider is a 4x4 all-wheel drive LSV designed with excellent off-road mobility and climbing capabilities to take on difficult terrains. Lightweight and capable of accommodating up to a crew of six, it is air transportable and ideal for close-fire support for infantry troops and special operations forces.

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M113 Upgrade

Comprehensive suite of enhancements for one of the most widely utilised armoured vehicles in the world.


Designed for Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief, the ExtremV is a non-armoured version of the Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier that is extremely mobile in tough terrains. It can be easily configured to fit a wide range of missions from emergency rescue and medical evacuation to logistics support roles and firefighting.

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Factory of the Future

We bring smart automation, digitalisation and inter-connectivity at every stage of our manufacturing operations to strengthen our engineering capabilities and improve the product quality that is evident in our land platforms.

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