Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier

Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier

Mission Ready, Unmatched Performance, Superior Flexibility

A proven and battle-tested platform, the Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier is a fully amphibious armoured vehicle with exceptional on- and off-road mobility designed to traverse 82% of the world’s terrain in adverse environments.

The Bronco has been in service since 2001. The Warthog, which was customised for the British Army, was deployed in Afghanistan for four years, clocking more than 480,000km, and encountered 30 improvised explosive device attacks with zero fatalities.

Mission Ready

Featuring a completely re-engineered chassis, the latest generation of Bronco holds the largest capacity in its family. With a payload of 6,300kg, the vehicle maximises crew's operating space and accommodates soldiers, equipment and cargo to provide total support for mission conditions.

The V-shaped hull incorporated in the chassis deflects underbelly detonations, contributing to all-round protection.

Unmatched Performance

Be it swamps, desert, snow or water bodies, the Bronco, with a curb weight of 10,200kg, can traverse across different terrain at a top speed of 65km/h at higher STANAG level protection, satisfying the most demanding mobility requirements of expeditionary forces.

Bronco has completed winter and summer trials in the Arctic Circle and United Arab Emirates respectively, and has been proven to perform well under extreme temperatures ranging from -45°C to 49°C.

Superior Flexibility

Incorporated with digital vehicle architecture, like CANBUS, and modern ergonomic interiors, Bronco’s modular design is engineered for modern armed forces with low cost of ownership.

With over 40 variants, the Bronco can be configured to support a wide variety of mission sets, from combat support to combat service support missions. Explore the commercial variant of the Bronco – ExtremV, designed for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief.

Bronco’s compact space envelope is compatible with most military transport aircraft, such as C-130 or C-17, and is suitable for rapid deployment by air, land or sea freight.

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