One Vehicle, Multi-Purpose, All Terrain

Designed for versatility and reliability, ExtremV is an amphibious, modular platform adept at multitasking, offering exceptional payload capabilities. Its modular design provides great flexibility in a wide range of applications, from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to firefighting, and even for missions such as emergency rescue, medical evacuation, transport of supplies and personnel.

Bronco Lineage

ExtremV shares the same Bronco lineage as the Warthog, which the British Army deployed in Afghanistan and withstood more than 300,000 miles over four years. Belonging to a family of reliable and proven vehicles, the ExtremV offers the same superior payload, resilience and manoeuvrability even in harsh conditions. 

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All Terrain

Designed for low ground pressure and superior mobility, the amphibious ExtremV is able to traverse 80% of the world’s terrain. With its robust drive system and heavy-duty rubber tracks, the vehicle is optimised to manoeuvre soft ground, steep gradients and hazardous obstacles.

Be it desert, snow, muddy or alpine terrain, the ExtremV is equipped to carry out its purpose with dexterity.

Modular Design

ExtremV is configurable for multiple missions, including transporting logistics, evacuation and firefighting. Due to its modular design, its back cabin can be swapped out easily and replaced with the relevant payload. A wide range of modules has been explored for ExtremV, from hook lift systems to water jets.

The ExtremV offers flexibility to meet customers' HADR needs.

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