JUPITER Autonomous Solar-Powered Vessel (JUPITER ASPV)

JUPITER Autonomous Solar-Powered Vessel (JUPITER ASPV)

The JUPITER ASPV is an autonomous solar powered vessel designed for various applications, including:

  • Retrieve flotsam (marine debris)
  • Clear aquatic plants
  • Sample and monitor water quality

The green vessel can be operated in various modes, such as manual, remote and autonomous. Equipped with stereovision cameras, the JUPITERĀ ASPV detects and avoids obstacles in its path for safe navigation in the waters.

Featuring a solar roof with 2KW of solar estate, the JUPITER ASPV can efficiently charge its onboard batteries to power its entire system, with zero carbon emission that supports sustainability efforts around the world, including Singaporeā€™s Green Plan 2030.

The ASPV can be fitted with different payload attachments, such as a conveyor belt system that allows it to skim the waters and pick up flotsam along its course. It can also be fitted with aquatic plant cutter systems to control the growth of underwater plants. When deployed together with surveillance drones as a cueing sensor, it offers an integrated unmanned solution for maintaining healthy waterways and water catchment areas.

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