MERCURY Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (MERCURY AUV)

MERCURY Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (MERCURY AUV)

The MERCURY AUV comprises Operation Control Stations, Cyber Secured Datalink Suite and AUVs integrated with Mission Payloads. The mid-sized MERCURY-400 is modular to meet different mission needs. Equipped with advanced sensors, navigation and communications features, it supports various applications:

  • Mine Counter Measures
  • Pipeline and cable inspections
  • Debris field detection
  • Seabed mapping
  • Search and locate
  • Environmental monitoring

Equipped with a Synthetic Aperture Sonar, high resolution Side Scan Sonar and an accurate Inertial Navigation System, MERCURY captures and processes high quality seabed data to detect and identify mine-like objects in the seabed. The Automatic Detection Automatic Classification feature supports mine counter measures, where multiple vessels can be deployed for operational efficiency. The MERCURY AUV can also be configured for underwater applications in public safety and security, commercial, and research.

Designed and tested to operate in littoral and congested maritime environments, the AUV can be easily deployed with its signature deployment trolley and launch and recovery systems. Its modular design makes it configurable and scalable, with proven stability in challenging underwater environments. In operations since 2016, the MERCURY AUV has proven to be a reliable solution that provides comprehensive and easy to use software for mission planning, real time monitoring and post-mission analysis.

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