Smart Facilities

Smart Facilities

Faster, Smarter and Sharper

In an era of limited resources, time and people, harnessing digital innovation helps enable faster, smarter and sharper integrated operations. We incorporate emerging technology with process innovations to enhance situational awareness, make sense of insightful data and trend for better decision-making, allowing optimised performance and full accessibility of managed assets and services. Our solutions is built to strengthen the four key pillars, interlacing a vast Systems Integration Architecture, Core Network Infrastructure and Cyber Defence, to ensure a secure and Interoperability-of-Solutions in continuum from day-to-day peacetime operations to emergency readiness:

  • Force Engagement

Application of advanced technologies in order to improve productivity, drive innovation and use technology as a way to keep workforce engaged.

  • Force Support

Smart Building Management Systems with data trending and analytic for effective and efficient security and facilities management.

  • Force Protection

An integrated, common operating platform to manage end-to-end security operations against potential threats.

  • Force Generation

Using Big Data technology, alongside with Artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotics to support Operations and Maintenance. This allows workforces to predict, avoid and resolve problems through smarter maintenance practices.

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