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Whatever your aspiration and profession, we harness technology to help you learn better and achieve your goals faster, smarter and safer.

For close to forty years, we have developed cutting-edge simulation systems that elevate the performance of individuals and teams while ensuring training safety and efficiency. We deliver simulation, gaming, and networking technology in a flexible platform that meets the requirements of defence and public security forces, training system integrators and experimentation labs.

We inspire and spark the imaginations of the young and old alike with immersive technologies, paving the way for ground-breaking research and development by leading institutions. We enable digital learning transformation with technologies that empower learners and instructors.

Drawing from the expertise of our multidisciplinary teams and in-depth technical know-how, we train and advise our customers in the defence, aerospace, maritime and transport sectors. Through our Europe-based subsidiary ST Engineering Antycip, we have established our presence in the UK, Italy and France where we work with partners in various sectors to deliver simulation and visual display systems. 

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