Manus Motion Capture and VR Gloves

Known for their innovative Virtual Reality (VR) hardware and high-end finger tracking gloves for motion capture, Manus brings to the market next-generation solutions for hand and finger data interaction.

ST Engineering is an official value-added reseller for Manus and its series of data gloves, including the latest Prime X with haptics, and OptiTrack gloves.

Manus Prime X Haptic VR

Now you can grab, touch and feel in VR. Embrace the freedom of intuitive hand interactions in your virtual space. Snug and comfortable, the Prime X Haptic VR gloves ensure that delicate vibrations are felt across your hands and fingers for an immersive sense of touch, with a higher feedback range than before.

Prime X Haptic VR is compatible with leading VR visualisation tools such as IC.IDO and engines such as Unreal and Unity.


  • High Fidelity finger tracking–Detailed finger bend and spread measurement: Flex sensors measure 2 joints per finger, 9 DoF tracking of individual fingers.
  • Software Compatibility–The Manus Prime X Gloves work with industry-standard solutions for Motion Capture and VR. Custom integrations can be built through the Manus SDK.
  • Hardware Compatibility–The Universal Mounting System of the Prime X Series allows for a wide range of tracking attachments, making the Prime X Gloves compatible with most tracking systems. Prime X Haptic VR gloves are compatible with most Head Mounted Displays.
  • Quick and Easy calibration–With only three simple gestures the Prime X Gloves calibration is accurately tailored to your hands. The calibration profile is then stored on the glove, allowing them to be used in multiple sessions across devices.
  • Continuous use–Uninterrupted workflow with the swappable Prime X batteries that provides up to 6-hours of battery life.
  • Washable Gloves in two sizes–The electronics module can be quickly removed from the textile glove, allowing for the glove to be washed or replaced. Additional textile gloves are available in sizes S/M and M/L.

SteamVR Pro Tracker

The Manus Pro Tracker is a professional SteamVR tracker designed specifically for Motion Capture, Virtual Production, and full-body Virtual Reality.

  • 2x tracking accuracy compared to the competition
  • 4.5 hours battery life (swappable)
  • Lightweight with 62 grams
  • Universal mounting system + ¼” screw adapter and 3M adhesive adapter

Manus Charging Station

Eliminate downtime by charging the batteries of your Prime X gloves while you work on your project. Charge up to 6 batteries with the Manus Charging Station.

Manus Prime X Series Gloves come equipped with interchangeable batteries. Powering your gloves for up to 5 hours during continuous uninterrupted use.