Realwear Hands-free Head-mounted Solution

Realwear Hands-free Head-mounted Solution

We are an authorised value-added reseller of RealWear in Singapore and Vietnam.

RealWear is a knowledge transfer platform company providing in-situ information and in-the-field training with software and hardware to help people improve safety and increase productivity at work.

Complementing our software solutions optimised for complete hands-free voice control, enterprise users gain instant knowledge to do their jobs better with remote mentoring, document navigation, industrial IoT data visualisation and digital workflow solutions.


  • Virtual Assistant – Capture photos and document issues, hands-free during site inspections
  • Remote Mentor – Gain seamless two-way connectivity to your in-house experts
  • Data Visualisation – Access relevant, contextualised data in the field, in real-time safely
  • Document Navigation – Navigate manuals and technical instructions via voice commands
  • Digital Workflow – Access and complete checklists while performing work tasks 


  • The HMT-1® is a leading ruggedised head-mounted, wearable, Android-class tablet computer that frees a worker’s hands for dangerous jobs. The HMT-1 is equipped with a high-definition camera, powerful audio and unmatched noise cancellation capabilities, enabling workers in the field to get assistance from experienced technicians (“mentors”) where the expert can remotely see and hear from the worker’s point of view. Learn more

  • The HMT-1Z1 is the world’s only intrinsically safe hands-free remote collaboration tool with ATEX ZONE 1 and CSA C1/D1 certifications. Used in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous environments. It optionally snaps into safety helmets and can be used with safety glasses or corrective eyewear. Learn more