The Air Distributed Mission Trainer (ADMT) is a distributed simulation that supports training in advanced fighter operations and mission rehearsals, bringing pilots to the highest level of mission readiness. It addresses modern-day challenges of complex air missions and limitations of live training by allowing "all day, all weather" training exercises and multi-site participation in the same training scenario.

For maximum deployability, the ADMT is now Mixed Reality capable, delivering immersive, cost-effective training in a compact training footprint. For unparalleled fidelity, the ADMT set-up may be integrated with full visual simulator domes. These interchangeable configurations offer flexibility to cater to every training need and budget.

The core of the ADMT is a flexible simulation infrastructure and common synthetic environment, which facilitates the addition of interoperable networked simulators of various air and ground elements.

Key Applications and Features

  • Flexible simulation infrastructure and common synthetic environment that enhances realism
  • Mixed Reality Capable - Elevate flight simulator training with the latest human eye-resolution Mixed Reality headsets. Gain perfect clarity of the virtual environment, and experience a seamless blend of the virtual flight scene with real-world controls
  • Computer-Generated Forces (CGF) configured based on instructor’s preference
  • Single-source visual database among all participating simulators
  • Instructor Operating Station (IOS) for management of scenarios and more
  • Briefing/Debriefing Facility (BDF) for efficient workflow
  • System health monitoring for timely and targeted maintenance activities
  • IT security and information assurance for data protection and prevention of data loss
  • Integrated training analytics to enhance training effectiveness

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