Prior to becoming a qualified airside driver, drivers have limited opportunities to practise driving within the aerodrome due to operational and safety risks.

Immersive and experiential, our airside driving simulators offer realistic driving experiences that support both driver training and qualification. With high-fidelity aerodrome environments modelled based on real-world airports, and a scenario-based training approach, your drivers will be prepared for routine and any emergency circumstances that happen on the airside.

Our simulators are integrated with data analytics that give insights to a driver’s risk profile, helping drivers learn and improve from any mistakes, and airside operators to administer an objective, evidence-based training program.


Key Features:

  • Delivers realistic driving experiences with high-fidelity virtual aerodrome, motion platform and actual driving cabin
  • Leverages XR (Extended Reality) for smaller training footprint
  • Prepares drivers for high-risk situations with scenario-based training
  • Standardises training intervention and abilities in a safe and controlled environment
  • Offers a repeatable and quantifiable assessment to qualify a candidate for driving
  • Gain insights into drivers’ common mistakes and risk profile with training analytics

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