Addressing the modern needs of training and re-training in ports, construction and other heavy machinery, our crane simulation is your go-to solution for repeatable, realistic training. Our crane simulation system offers extensive scenario-based, self-guided learning opportunities. The system is built to promote safe, efficient and effective work practices through simulation-based tools.

Together with CMLabs, our crane and port simulators feature Vortex Studio’s high-fidelity, real-time simulation platform, and incorporate other unique adjustable features of the mechanical engineering layer based on real data and real machines.

Key Benefits

  • Improvements in productivity and training standards
  • Exceeds training and operational standards by 40%
  • Operators are trained faster by at least 33%
  • Up to 150% increase in rate of successful operator training and 50% higher operator readiness
  • Increased safety awareness and productivity in operators
  • Faster refreshment of skills and procedures
  • Faster Emergency Response
  • Reduced training costs and risks
  • Objective assessments supported by data analytics
  • Easy to use for self-paced learning
  • Easy to maintain

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