Multi-Domain Operations, or MDO in short, defines Military Operations that are conducted in the domains of Air, Land, Sea, Space and Cyberspace.

Such complex operations require training and experimentation to help operators better sense-make to support force structuring, improve tactics and conduct mission rehearsals.

Spotlighting a manned-unmanned sense strike mission, our MDO simulation showcase demonstrates how we support first-person role training for commanders, pilots, unmanned vehicle operators and close air support elements, with possible scenarios for experimentation outcomes.

Leveraging the power of our MAK ONE simulation software, we offer our customers infinite possibilities to redefine their training and experimentation activities:

  • VR-Engage: The enabling technology for the role-playing portions of our training solutions. With its new game-like user interface, use VR-Engage to configure simulation models and turn them into first-person interactive simulators.
  • VR-Forces: Our core simulation engine powering the MAK ONE platform, now optimised to help you achieve large entity count simulations, in any domain
  • VR-Vantage: Rendering realistic, immersive environments for simulation
  • MAK Earth: procedurally generated whole Earth terrain, powered by the MAK Earth engine using GIS data or terabytes of data that comes with VR-TheWorld Server
  • VR-Link: DIS/HLA networking interoperability for your simulation platforms

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