Businesses run on data and information. Outsourcing your day-to-day cloud operations to an experienced cloud-managed service provider can help support your environment, automate and enhance your operational efficiencies in the process.

At ST Engineering Mission Software and Services Cloud Business, our end-to-end Managed Services are built on the cloud operations and management life cycle comprising Governance & Compliance, Security, Configuration & Patch Management, Prevention & Protection, Continuous Monitoring, Integration and Improvement.

We monitor and manage single, hybrid or multi-cloud environments, safeguard users’ identity access and security compliances, optimise and reduce cloud spend and provide data protection.

From cybersecurity to disaster recovery, we enhance your business continuity and digital resilience. We are ready to address operation and maintenance gaps to drive your organisation's operational excellence.

Our team of experts can provide you with reliable cloud services and help to control your operating cost so you can focus on growing your business. 

Receive flexible round-the-clock support with our team of experts who adopt a pro-active approach to identify, diagnose and troubleshoot problems to avoid costly downtime. We give our full support to fulfill your governance and compliance needs and meet industry regulations.

Deploy and Manage Landing Zone

When enterprises and/or organisations migrate to the Cloud, one of the key challenges is in enforcing best practices, security, governance, and compliance regulations amongst departments. The AGIL™ Cloud Managed Landing Zone solution provides:

  • seamless and secure migration to the cloud
  • guided onboarding process with MSS Landing Zone run-book
  • consistent policy guidelines with compliance guardrails to safeguard from a security breach that could impact reputation damage and financial loss
  • a head-start with our baseline environment, giving speed, scale and flexibility for your business with swifter time-to-market

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