Empowering Public Safety and Security

Discover how ST Engineering is piloting and pioneering new 5G-enabled solutions that transform the way we approach public security. Our ability to support large-scale public events and deploy reliable, low-latency, high bandwidth 5G connectivity in times of crisis provides new opportunities to keep our communities safer.

Towards Industry 4.0

Smart manufacturing and the factories of tomorrow rely on advancements in technology and connectivity. With the endless possibilities that 5G technology creates, we are co-developing new capabilities with world-class technology partners and creating new solutions for the manufacturing sector and beyond.

5G Technology

The 5G mobile cellular network is more than just high-speed wireless broadband for consumers. 5G connectivity together with Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) enable digital transformation for various industries. 5G network distinguishes itself from previous generations of mobile cellular network by offering specific network services tailored to each End Device’s needs. Broadly, the network services offered by 5G are:

  • eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband)
  • URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications)
  • mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications)

Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

MEC is conceptualised by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to complement 5G technologies in providing edge computing and cloud services to different industries.

MEC brings cloud resources closer to the customer. MEC enables faster, real-time applications and analytics at the edge of the network through providing both IT service environment and cloud computing capabilities. Users no longer have to send data to backend cloud or centralised core infrastructures for data processing, greatly reducing latency and enhancing improved high-bandwidth performances.

Enterprises can host applications both on-premises and at edge sites so as to meet stringent data traffic policies, enhance security, and improve real-time control and decision making. This ultra-reliable and ultra-low latency connectivity will enable near-real or real-time applications across multiple industries such as factory automation, teleoperation, autonomous robot control, and the use cases are limitless. 

Tactical 5G Communications System

The Tactical 5G Communications System enables Battle-Front Internet via highly mobile and highly secured 5G Cellular Network. Designed for operations of the manoeuvre forces, the Tactical 5G Communication System is able to provide broadband multi-media enabled 5G network bubbles that will support inter-connectivity and teaming between vehicular platforms, sensors, robotics and dismounted troops.


5G-in-a-Box is a powerful, rugged Edge Compute Server that combines Multi-access Edge Computing and 5G mini-Core network into a single box. This allows ad-hoc, rapid deployment of Private 5G network where ruggedness, space, weight and power are major concerns. The 5G-in-a-Box is especially suitable for installation on a mobile platform providing a non-infrastructure based private 5G Network.

5G mini-Core manages and establishes reliable, secured connectivity to the network for end-users and provides access control to its 5G services. Edge Software Orchestration Platform is a highly optimised and flexible edge platform to manage micro-services and virtual network functions with cloud-like agility across the network. It enables workloads to be processed at the edge of the network, cutting round-trip latency and data bandwidth hoarding across the network dramatically. Application Server to centrally host all applications and information and to manage access to the 5G network by end-users who are registered in the system.

5G Smart CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)

5G Smart CPE is a rugged wireless access terminal that relays the 5G mobile network to multiple hardware devices via WiFi. The enhanced mobile broadband offered by 5G mitigates the traditional need for cabled access as compared to a typical WiFi router without performance degradation. As a smart CPE device, it enables the hosting of network security software modules, edge computing orchestration clients, or AI (Artificial-Intelligence) platforms right at the customer premises, therefore improving network efficiency and network management.

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