Security Operation Centre As-A-Platform

Security Operation Centre As-A-Platform

SOCaaP is developed through our one decade of deep expertise, vast experience and extensive domain to design, build and operate more than 18 SOCs across nations, CIIs and enterprises globally. It is the unified solution that combines machine-based analytics, contextualised threat intelligence and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR). It provides higher operational efficiency and ease of deployment. It also provides actionable insights, allowing security teams to uncover unknown threats in IT and OT environment faster than ever.


  1. Situation Awareness Dashboard
    • Provides overall cyber health status and detailed operational analysis of the network, with customised dashboards for management and analysts to make informed decisions in the event of cyber-attack.

  2. Open Architecture
    • Allows new solutions to be integrated without impacting individual functions.
    • Enables customers to evolve continuously with the cyber landscape, by being technology agnostic.

  3.  Multi-modal Analytics
    • Addresses unknown cyber threats through behavioural analytics from an integrated platform of analytics data models.

  4. Contextualised Threat Intelligence
    • Provides intelligence-driven analysis by incorporating contextual information.

  5. Orchestration & Automation
    • Automates the incident response workflow, reducing the workload and mundane tasks of analysts.

  6. Playbook & Defined Processes
    • Leverages our decade-long experience in defining use cases across government agencies, critical information infrastructures and enterprises, to increase operational efficiency and consistency.

  7. Ease of Deployment
    • Minimises complexity and reduces implementation lead time by covering essential SOC solutions including email protection, web isolation and endpoint device protection.

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