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Finding the Next Breakthrough

At ST Engineering, we seek to discover and deliver innovative breakthroughs and impactful solutions. Our Corporate Venture Capital unit – ST Engineering Ventures (STEV) – scouts for and invests in global best-in-class technology start-ups that are developing new technologies or creating innovative solutions complementary to the Group’s strategic capabilities in high-growth areas. These include data analytics, cybersecurity, robotics, communications, IoT, cloud, autonomous technology and other emerging technologies.

Scouted start-ups will gain access to our ecosystems for broader business capabilities, allowing them to compete globally. They will also be able to tap our expertise, established business network and distribution channels.

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Our technology scouting offices in Singapore, the U.S. and Israel enable us to foster open innovation and build new relationships with start-up ecosystems in Asia Pacific, the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area and Israel. 

Open Innovation and Collaboration

We engage with start-ups and co-create products and solutions to solve real-world problems, as well as a springboard to new and disruptive technologies.

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