Delivering Powerful Cooling with the Airbitat City Cooler

Delivering Powerful Cooling with the Airbitat City Cooler

With cities getting increasingly crowded, space is a precious commodity. City planners, land developers and retail space owners are finding ways to make urban spaces even more useful and attractive for their customers and stakeholders. Particularly in outdoor spaces that are subject to hot and humid conditions, a key challenge is to find ways to make it cooler to conduct activities in these spaces, while keeping utility costs low and still being environmentally sustainable.

The Airbitat City Cooler was created by ST Engineering’s Urban Environment Solutions business to address this challenge. Using its innovative patented Reevac® deep cooling technology, the Airbitat City Cooler chills air to as low as 24 degree Celsius through an ultra-efficient heat exchange and high performance evaporative medium. Environmentally-friendly, the Airbitat City Cooler is 80 percent more energy efficient than conventional air-conditioning units, and does not generate waste heat, nor use refrigerants or compressors.

The Airbitat City Cooler is also able to deliver powerful cooling in challenging environmental conditions that range from tropical to arid climates. Unlike conventional coolers, it can intelligently detect the ambient environment and engage the right cooling mode to deliver the right level of thermal comfort.

Since its launch, several Airbitat City Cooler units have been deployed at various event, commercial and public spaces in Singapore, and in the region such as in Darwin, Australia. In recognition of its energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, the Airbitat City Cooler received the 2018 ASEAN Energy Award (Special Submission Category), the region’s highest recognition of excellence and innovation for energy efficiency efforts in buildings.

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