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What's next for the maritime industry? As companies look to digital transformation and seek streamlined solutions to optimise efficiencies and reap cost savings, ST Engineering has designed and developed its very own ship management system to address the gap in availability of such solutions.

Digital transformation for the maritime industry remains a key opportunity for many companies to enhance operational efficiencies, increase productivity and stay ahead of competition. Ship owners and operators are constantly seeking streamlined solutions to optimise efficiencies, energise their business with innovative technologies to overcome challenges and reap cost savings as a result.

To address the gap in availability of such solutions, ST Engineering has started to design and develop its very own ship management system (SMS), NERVA since 2012. The NERVA SMS integrates platform systems to allow centralised control and monitoring of platform sensors and systems from a remote location. By providing ship operators with real time, on-board and remote access, NERVA SMS guarantees secure and efficient operations across a variety of vessels. 

Designed to meet the requirements of International Maritime Organisation and major classification societies, NERVA SMS uses reliable marine graded and type approved Commercial-Off-The-Shelf products that assure its quality. This system has been deployed on various platforms and projects, including newbuild and retrofit projects.

The distinguishing feature of the NERVA SMS is the Sensemaking module. Effectively incorporating data analytics and machine learning technologies, NERVA SMS reduces unplanned downtime through predictive diagnostics and greatly enhances operational efficiencies by changing the nature of maintenance from being reactive to preventive. NERVA SMS also prolongs the maintenance intervals with the implementation of condition-based monitoring. Maintenance is done on a need-to basis instead of a fixed maintenance schedule that may not entirely utilise the lifecycle of various component parts. This improves uptime and extends the lifespan of equipment, hence generating cost-savings. Also equipped with self-learning capabilities and decision support engine, the system constantly analyses and refines its predictors for improved accuracy, while providing advisories and recommended preventive actions to the operator.

 We have expanded the NERVA SMS’ capabilities to include Smart Water Management System.  It works as a centralised control and monitoring system for efficient management of water processes by connecting with different sensors and processes instruments, customised for plant operations.

Integrating technological advancements in process automation with shipbuilding expertise, NERVA SMS offers state-of-the-art ship and smart water management solutions that are customisable for most vessels and plant types. Ship owners and plant owners are now empowered with full flexibility to customise the user friendly and intuitive Human-Machine Interface to meet their specific needs, no matter how complex their needs may be.

Contact Sim Chee Chong to find out more about the NERVA SMS and how it can benefit your business/ operations.