Unlocking Drone Capabilities

Unlocking Drone Capabilities

Unlocking Drone Capabilities: Managing Water Bodies and more

We use innovation and technology to improve lives and the way we work and are the first to provide a proof-of-concept for food delivery using our own drone system, DroNet. Now, we have achieved another first with DroNet by unlocking a new application in environmental protection. DroNet can conduct a real-time and accurate analysis of water bodies without collecting water samples. The manual method of monitoring the quality of water bodies may soon be a thing of the past.

How does DroNet do it? First, a flight path is generated through ST Engineering’s proprietary flight planning algorithm. When the drone flies on this flight path, its hyperspectral sensors analyse the entire water body remotely. This provides comprehensive water quality data to surveyors.  As this system is operated remotely, analyses can be easily carried out regularly or even on an on-demand basis to obtain the most up-to-date data.

Being multifunctional, DroNet can also perform monitoring missions in public areas. To achieve this, it uses real-time aerial video analytics, training video analytics algorithms to identify the presence of vessels or people in the water. This information can be presented as live video streams, statistical data, and even alerts to mobile phones.

Our latest proof-of-concept application of DroNet promises higher productivity and accuracy. As we work with more adopters of the technology to roll it out, we may find this proof-of-concept applied in other use cases, such as forest monitoring or agriculture to yield even greater productivity.