Shiprepair & Conversion

Shiprepair & Conversion

Our shipyards have been the partners of choice for customers seeking sophisticated high-quality conversions, and repair or maintenance works for a wide range of vessels. These include bulk carriers and chemical tankers, offshore and seismic vessels, dredgers and cruise vessels.

What We Do

A Second Life for Ships

We breathe new life into old ships such as fishing trawlers, platform supply vessels, seismic operation vessels and oil drillers.

Our services include jumboisation, lengthening, refurbishment, reactivation and upgrading for a wide spectrum of vessels. Our focus segments are dredging, offshore and livestock industries, and for a variety of vessel types like seismic vessels, dredgers, chemical tankers, FPSOs, offshore supply vessels and pipe layers. 

Noteworthy projects completed in recent years include:

  • The conversion of BGP Pioneer from a fishing trawler to a seismic research vessel. The vessel was lengthened from 68m to 83m. Significant work included the addition of two sponsons, and installation of a new hangar deck and helideck.
  • Aquila Explorer was converted from a platform supply vessel to a seismic research vessel. The work involved reconfiguring the existing vessel by adding a new accommodation structure, hangar deck and helideck, and installing seismic equipment.
  • The jumboisation of a trailing suction hopper dredger, Ham310, for Ham B.V. This was the first dredger jumboisation to be carried out in Singapore.
  • The jumboisation of livestock carrier, Bison Express, for Vroon B.V. The vessel was lengthened from 99.68m to 122.08m.

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