AIR+ ActivePro, the Most Breathable Protective Mask System for Professional Users

AIR+ ActivePro, the Most Breathable Protective Mask System for Professional Users

With its innovative material, exhaust valve and Active Ventilator, users of the AIR+ ActivePro System can now experience the lowest exhalation resistance, 2X exhalation relief and 80% drier mask experience compared to industry-standard masks.

Düsseldorf, Germany, 24 October 2019 - Innosparks, an ST Engineering Open Innovation Lab, the maker of the award-winning AIR+ protective mask, today launched a new revolutionary mask range called the AIR+ ActivePro System which delivers breakthrough breathing comfort for professional users. Targeted at users in the construction, manufacturing and industrial environments, the ActivePro System combines the innovative micro-pleated ActivePro Mask with an attachable Active Ventilator to deliver a distinctive experience of ultra-breathability and ultra-dry comfort that far exceeds the limits of conventional face masks.

Engineering the Science of Comfort
An addition to the AIR+ mask range which has progressively expanded its distribution network to 17 countries in Europe since 2015, the ActivePro System offers professionals an even more powerful way to work, at the same level of protection. Scientifically developed and engineered, the ActivePro Mask features an advanced micro-pleated filter material which offers 2X more breathability, while the unique Active Valve delivers best-in-class exhalation relief – all contributing to breathable comfort over extended wear.

The ActivePro Mask is enhanced by the Active Ventilator, delivering powered ventilation for effortless exhalation. It actively vents the exhaled air that is trapped in the mask, at the same time enabling up to 20% more fresh air into the mask. The ActivePro System keeps the mask 80% drier in comparison to industry-standard masks, and reduces the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels from 3% down to an average of 0.08% - close to ambient levels.

Breathing Issues Cause Problems
“If the workplace air is contaminated for example, with dust, protective masks are mandatory in most businesses. Under no circumstances should the wearing of such masks have a negative effect on health. As a result of the increased resistance to inhalation, the work can be impaired and long-term health disabilities cannot be ruled out,” said Dr. Rouven Koll, an Occupational Medicine Specialist.

He added, “Symptoms such as tiredness, dizziness and reduced performance can result. Increased airway resistance can affect the pulmonary circulation and lead to long-term respiratory diseases. The new ActivePro System from Innosparks offers an extremely low airway resistance for a longer time, thanks to the innovative filter system, which allows healthy and productive work.”

The ActivePro System will have its world premiere at the AIR+ stand (Hall 9/E56) at the A+A Trade Fair, 5-8 November 2019 in Düsseldorf.

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