Antycip Simulation Becomes ST Engineering Antycip

Antycip Simulation Becomes ST Engineering Antycip

Alignment to the ST Engineering masterbrand will drive greater brand visibility for global growth

Paris, France, 1 July 2020 – Leading European provider of virtual reality, simulation and visual display solutions, Antycip Simulation today announced the change of its company legal name to ST Engineering Antycip, to better reflect the overarching identity of its parent company ST Engineering. To align with the name change, the company will also adopt the Group corporate brand. Both changes take place from 1st July 2020.   

ST Engineering Antycip is a subsidiary of the Electronics arm of ST Engineering, a global technology, defence and engineering group based in Singapore that specialises in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. While ST Engineering Antycip has been part of ST Engineering for over a decade, the incorporation of “ST Engineering” into its name and the adoption of the ST Engineering masterbrand will help to reinforce its identity as a member of the Group, and help drive growth in new global markets and industry segments.

“A closer alignment with ST Engineering will enable us to benefit from its solid reputation, and gain greater exposure to multi-disciplinary projects across the defence, government and commercial sectors, thereby enhancing our global competitiveness. Our customers will not only continue to receive the same level of quality service that we are known for, but will also reap the benefits of our strengthened portfolio and expertise,” said Michel Pronier, chief executive officer of ST Engineering Antycip.

“Our company has historically, and will continue, to serve as an independent sub-contractor and solutions provider in the defence, aerospace, automotive, education and research sectors. We pride ourselves in sourcing and integrating the best solutions for every single project our clients trust us with, and we look forward to reinforcing this reputation,” he explained.

The name and brand change supports ST Engineering’s strategy in uniting all of its corporate brands to drive higher brand visibility, and to position the Group for greater commercial impact and marketing presence internationally. As a result, all corporate related matters will be branded ST Engineering, while products and marketing collaterals will continue using the Antycip logo.

ST Engineering Antycip is a leading provider of simulation, analysis, modelling, display and virtual reality solutions, a position deep rooted since 1996. In line with market developments, the company has expanded its overall offerings to support global customers in defence, academia, commerce and industry, incorporating the latest 3D immersive solutions and virtual reality technologies in its suite of solutions. With offices in France, the UK, Italy and Spain, the company also has representatives in Germany and Poland.


Since 1996, ST Engineering Antycip (formerly Antycip Simulation) has supported customers across the globe, in defence, academia, commerce and industry, to become better at what they do. As an expert provider of simulation, analysis, modelling, display and virtual reality solutions, ST Engineering Antycip combines its in-house technical expertise with an unrivalled range of products from software and hardware providers. ST Engineering Antycip is a subsidiary of ST Engineering’s electronics sector. For more information, visit

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