Halter Marine is awarded the second Polar Security Cutter for the United States Coast Guard

Halter Marine is awarded the second Polar Security Cutter for the United States Coast Guard

Pascagoula, MS., December 29, 2021 – Halter Marine, Inc. (VT Halter Marine), a company of ST Engineering North America, has been awarded the second Polar Security Cutter (PSC) by the U.S. Department of the Navy.

The U.S. Department of the Navy has awarded Halter Marine of Pascagoula, Mississippi, as the prime contractor a fixed-price incentive-firm contract for a second U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) PSC (formerly the Heavy Polar Icebreaker). Initial efforts under this option will target the purchase of long lead-time materials, specifically the generator sets, necessary to support production while ensuring commonality across the first two PSCs.  The PSC program is a multiple year Department of Homeland Security Level 1 investment and a USCG major system initiative to acquire up to three multi-mission PSCs to recapitalize the USCG’s fleet of Polar Security Cutters.

The Polar Security Cutter will fill a current, definitive need for the Coast Guard statutory mission, of Polar Icebreaking, and meet other mission needs in the higher latitudes vital to the economic vitality, scientific inquiry and national interests of the United States.

Halter Marine is teamed with Technology Associates, Inc., (TAI), as the ship designer. The ship design is based on a German ”Polarstern II” design. The Halter Marine and TAI teams, along with other suppliers, are finalizing the PSC design.

These vessels are 460 feet in length with a beam of 88 feet overall, a full load displacement of approximately 22,900 long tons at delivery. The propulsion will be diesel electric at over 45,200 horse power and readily capable of continuously breaking ice between six to eight feet thick. The vessel will accommodate 186 personnel comfortably for an extended endurance of 90 days.

In addition to TAI, Halter Marine has teamed with ABB/Trident Marine for its Azipod propulsion system, Raytheon for command and control systems integration, Caterpillar for the main engines, Jamestown Metal Marine for joiner package, and Bronswerk for the HVAC system.

“By building the second Polar Security Cutter, Halter Marine will continue its mission in delivering a national priority to the United States Coast Guard. Our talented workforce here at Halter Marine is proud to be part of such an important endeavor,” said Bob Merchent, President and Chief Executive Officer of Halter Marine.


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