iDirect Government Establishes Engineering Center of Excellence To Combat Electronic Warfare, TRANSEC and Cyber Attacks

iDirect Government Establishes Engineering Center of Excellence To Combat Electronic Warfare, TRANSEC and Cyber Attacks

Center will build on iDirectGov’s industry-leading capabilities, including CSIR™ to further develop innovative and resilient Milsatcom solutions

Herndon, Va., 09 January, 2024 – With electronic warfare (EW) becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s environment, iDirect Government (iDirectGov), a leading provider of satellite communications to the U.S. military and government, has established the iDirectGov Engineering Center of Excellence at its Herndon, VA, headquarters to address EW and other transmission security (TRANSEC) developments.

The center, co-located with iDirectGov’s existing engineering team, will enable the company to better respond to the ever-evolving EW and cyber threats, meeting defense and government requirements for faster-paced innovation to keep ahead of adversaries and bad actors that relentlessly target military satellite communications (MILSATCOM). The center will leverage iDirectGov’s specialized Communication Signal Interference Removal™ (CSIR™) technology, which features crypto-agility, anti-jam, and strengthened security for the tactical edge and warfighter.

Marking the company’s continuous efforts to integrate and harness its engineering teams’ intellectual properties and capabilities, the center represents iDirectGov’s intensified focus on developing innovative and resilient solutions to address EW. By combining its existing security professionals with its anti-jam-focused engineers, iDirectGov’s defense and government SATCOM global customers will benefit from bandwidth-efficient, scalable and highly secure satellite solutions.

“Our engineering center will allow iDirectGov to build upon our industry-leading security capabilities in TRANSEC and CSIR technology to deliver innovative and robust Milsatcom solutions to the tactical edge and warfighter. With this, we are also investing in developing future generations of communications security technology and empowering our top talent,” said Tim Winter, president of iDirect Government.

The center will create an additional platform for iDirectGov’s engineers to develop holistic approaches to EW, cyber risk, TRANSEC, countermeasures and the overall company security solutions strategy. This will enable the team to build solutions with advanced functionality, innovative form factors and tactical advantages for use on land, in the air and at sea, helping to ensure that the U.S. remains at the forefront of MILSATCOM technology.

“Many factors are at play with this development, including protecting the U.S. critical SATCOM infrastructure and the continued interest of the Department of Defense (DOD) in scaling the use of commercial technologies for future hybrid satellite communications terminals that are capable of using commercial and military signals,” said Winter.

Since its beginnings in 2007, iDirectGov has supported the DOD and other agencies, solving their communications challenges with effective and exceptional delivery.


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