MAK Technologies Releases MAK Legion

MAK Technologies Releases MAK Legion

New scalability and interoperability framework for simulation into the millions of entities

Cambridge, MA, March 11, 2021 - MAK Technologies (MAK), a company of ST Engineering North America, today announced the release of MAK Legion 1.0, the latest addition to the MAK ONE suite of simulation products. MAK Legion is a next-generation scalability and interoperability framework designed for real-time distributed simulations with huge numbers of simulated entities. Legion combines the best concepts from established modeling and simulation protocols with cutting-edge online-gaming techniques to manage and deliver millions of high-fidelity entities.

Legion ushers in a new era in distributed simulation, where the scale of the simulation is no longer limited. Instead, simulations running in the cloud, on local servers, desktops, and laptops can all contribute to scenarios with entities numbering in the tens of thousands and upward into the millions.

Legion enables governments, enterprises and academia to develop large scale simulations that take full advantage of today’s modern multi-core systems and elastic cloud resources. Legion combines a data-oriented implementation with an object-oriented application programming interface (API) that makes it easy for developers to access the scale made possible by Legion.

“Legion is more than just a new interoperability protocol,” said Len Granowetter, Chief Technology Officer at MAK Technologies. “It is a high-performance distributed database that enables massively-parallel simulation applications to efficiently store data internally and share data externally.”

Developed by MAK, the company that made it easy to simulate in Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA), Legion is built from the ground up by simulation experts for the simulation community. Consistent with MAK’s long-standing commitment to open standards, MAK has begun the process of transitioning the Legion API (interface specification) to Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) as the basis for a future standard.

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