Peruvian Government Contracts ST Engineering iDirect and DIVICAM to Enable Ubiquitous Access to Free-to-Air Public TV Channels

Peruvian Government Contracts ST Engineering iDirect and DIVICAM to Enable Ubiquitous Access to Free-to-Air Public TV Channels

SKYflow ecosystem solution will deliver free educational TV channels, OTT content and media products to people across Peru, allowing access to information and transforming learning experiences

Herndon, Va., Hong Kong, Île-de-France, Nantes, Lima, 14 April, 2023 – The Peruvian government has contracted ST Engineering iDirect and DIVICAM to deploy the SKYflow ecosystem solution to deliver OTT video and documents to remote regions of Peru, enabling the Peruvian people to access public content including educational content that has previously been unavailable to them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of access to remote learning for governments and institutions across the globe. Many children were unable to continue their studies due to their location. Currently, the Peruvian government can only reach approximately 30% of homes with their TV channels and has pledged to ensure coverage for all.

SKYflow is a cutting-edge multicast ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) ecosystem that offers cost-effective, ultra-fast, low-latency delivery of live video, files and documents to mobile devices and large screens for global audiences. With SKYflow, 100% of the Peruvian population will receive DTH content and have access to live TV that can be recorded, enabling the Peruvian government to attain its goal of reaching every household in Peru with invaluable educational video and media content. This is especially significant for the distribution of content in a multiscreen environment to households that may not have internet access but have a television, tablets, or even smart devices. SKYflow is also capable of providing two-way broadcasting which would expand the use cases available to the Peruvian government in the future, allowing it to benefit from the unique attributes that satellite brings to the delivery of OTT services.

The SKYflow ecosystem comprises technologies from a group of companies that have pioneered satellite-based OTT delivery, namely Easybroadcast, EKT, Quadrille and ST Engineering iDirect. ST Engineering iDirect’s local integrator, DIVICAM, will perform system integration to bring the turnkey solution together.

“EKT is excited about being at the forefront of remote education with a dedicated group of professionals,” said Richard Smith, CEO, EKT. “The SKYflow consortium has invested heavily over the last few years to deliver a seamlessly integrated solution that is ready to deliver DVB-NIP, at an affordable price point. Now seeing that SKYflow will make such an impact on Peruvian students makes us proud to be part of this unique collaboration.”

“EasyBroadcast sees Skyflow as the new and innovative OTT service ecosystem that enables new and additional live and VoD business such as education in remote locations or extending entertainment to the next billion viewers around the world,” said Mohsen Haddad, Co-Founder, EasyBroadcast. “The technology brought by SKYflow’s partners is integrated in such a way that it also addresses the time-to-market challenges of our clients in a fierce and very competitive market.”

“Quadrille is proud to be a part of the winning SKYflow consortium with our partners. There is a clear market need for a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that delivers a high-quality, OTT experience over satellite to users. By delivering multicast ABR and files (pdfs and VOD), Quadrille is thrilled with the impact this solution will have on education in Peru,” said Xavier Battas, CEO, Quadrille.

“The SKYflow ecosystem, combined with our system integration capabilities, delivers a critically important service to households that, without it, have limited options for education and growth,” said Darren Ludington, Regional Vice President, Americas at ST Engineering iDirect. “We look forward to seeing the difference that this makes to the lives of young people across Peru. We thank IRTP for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate the power of satellite multicasting on this and future use cases.”

The SKYflow ecosystem will be featured in a demonstration at NAB, Las Vegas from April 15-19 at ST Engineering iDirect’s stand (W3113).


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