ST Engineering Bolsters Translational Research Collaborations with ST Engineering Distinguished Professorship

ST Engineering Bolsters Translational Research Collaborations with ST Engineering Distinguished Professorship

Singapore, 1 December 2022  ST Engineering today announced the creation of the inaugural ST Engineering Distinguished Professor awards, as part of Research Translation @ ST Engineering to recognise researchers with outstanding contributions to the strategic goal of achieving impactful research translation.

The strategic goal supports the collaboration model of Research Translation @ ST Engineering, which focuses on customer-centric product R&D. The aim is to accelerate development of technologies for real-world impact, by translating research outcomes from laboratory to prototype development, and from pilot scale into commercially viable products. 

ST Engineering has identified four leading researchers who will be conferred as ST Engineering Distinguished Professors for their contributions in accelerating the translation of research in their respective domains into industry applications. These research projects draw on their expertise and range from quantum technology; to robotics and autonomous systems; wireless communications; and infrared technology and advanced materials. 

Professor Jose

Professor Jose Ignacio Latorre
Director, Centre for Quantum Technologies,
National University of Singapore
Domain: Quantum Technology

Professor Wong

Professor Wang Dan Wei
Professor, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Nanyang Technological University
IEEE Fellow, Academy of Engineering Singapore Fellow,
AvH (Germany) Fellow
Domain: Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Professor Tony

Professor Tony Quek
Future Communications Research and Development Programme,
Singapore University of Technology and Design,
Domain: Wireless Communications

Dr. Andrew

Dr. Andrew Ngo
Division Director
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR,
Domain: Infrared Technology and Advanced Materials

These four professors are among the 70 researchers under Research Translation @ ST Engineering who are currently engaged and working on 17 different translational research projects, based on eight technology areas that were earlier identified1.  ST Engineering expects to have 100 partner researchers aboard for Research Translation @ ST Engineering by the end of 2023. It has invested $12.5 million into these projects in 2022 as part of the $60 million committed over five years starting late 2021 to Research Translation @ ST Engineering.

In the same way that ST Engineering is synonymous with strong engineering capabilities and innovation, we hope that the ST Engineering Distinguished Professor award will be synonymous with impactful research translation for industry applications. Our goal is to establish an association that will seed longer-term collaborations between the professors and our Group in catalysing the translation of research outcomes for real-world applications, as well as enriching the professors’ industry experience,” said Dr. Lee Shiang Long, Group Chief Technology and Digital Officer of ST Engineering.

About Research Translation @ ST Engineering

Research Translation @ ST Engineering, set up in late 2021, is a collaboration model designed to allow for the construct of multi-disciplinary teams, comprising partner researchers and ST Engineering technology and engineering teams in the same collaborative space to enable academia and practitioner engagements. ST Engineering provides the translational development infrastructure located in its premises. The collaboration fosters a stronger working relationship between ST Engineering and its partners to drive impactful translational research that meets fast-evolving market needs and customer demands.  The partners are from National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and A*STAR. 

1 The eight areas are Smart Traffic Management; Quantum Computing; Advanced Energy Technologies; Robotics and Autonomous Systems; 5G and Future Communications; Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies; Digitalisation and Data Analytics; and Neuromorphic Computing.


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