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Singapore, 16 April 2021 - Global technology, defence and engineering group ST Engineering today announced that it has secured a contract to provide 96 sets of Platform Screen Doors (PSD) for all four new underground stations on Queensland’s Cross River Rail, the Australian state’s largest public infrastructure project. The win marks the Group’s first foray into the Australian rail market, and will be added to its track record of over 100 rail electronics solutions that have been deployed in over 48 cities worldwide.

Chew Men Leong, Head of Smart Mobility at ST Engineering, said, “Having built smart metro systems that have helped to connect transport networks, ease traffic congestion and enhance commuter safety all over the world, we are excited to participate in this signature public infrastructure project which will improve connectivity and quality of life for communities in South East Queensland. Australia is a new market for our metro business, and we are confident that this win will serve as a springboard to future opportunities in the country.”

Engineered to meet the heavy-duty requirements of the busiest rail stations in the world, ST Engineering’s PSD features a reliable control system with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certification for all critical safety functions. Besides serving as a safety barrier between the underground station platforms and the train track on the Cross River Rail, the PSD also improves temperature control within the stations by preventing cool air leakage from air-conditioning systems to the underground tunnels, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Cross River Rail is a new 10.2km rail line that includes 5.9km of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and Brisbane Central Business District. The project will unlock a bottleneck at the core of the region’s rail network and transform the way people travel across the whole of South East Queensland. The project will also help the Queensland economy keep growing, generate thousands of jobs and activate urban development at multiple inner-city precincts.


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