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Trusted platform supports multiple mission-critical applications for Asian MoDs

Herndon, Va., November 2, 2022 – Global satellite communications leader, ST Engineering iDirect’s Evolution® platform is a key technology for Asian defense forces. Utilized for the provision of both fixed and mobile satcom solutions across a variety of mission-critical applications, Evolution is a resilient and secure multi-service platform that encompasses a breadth of versatile modems and solutions.

An Asian Ministry of Defence (MoD) deployed two Evolution hubs to increase resiliency and assure high availability of bandwidth for its army, naval forces and paramilitary units. The army also replaced their legacy SCPC/MCPC solution with a DVB-S2X Evolution Multi-Carrier Mesh solution to provide reliable critical communications between their mobile units. This enables them to maintain connectivity whilst tackling challenging terrain including steep mountains, valleys, and primitive roads along the country’s borders. The mesh overlay reduces latency, allowing for instantaneous on-demand communications that are essential for effective remote operations. Troops have access to real-time situational awareness and can respond quickly to threats.

In a separate deployment for another longstanding MoD customer, their armed forces significantly upgraded and expanded their network by adding two Agilis high power amplifiers (HPAs), four new Evolution hubs and 100 iQ terminals to better equip them for extreme environmental conditions. The region where the hubs have been deployed is known for its tough terrain and stringent requirements for border control and coastline monitoring. This MoD relies upon their Evolution network for effective two-way communications with their ground forces to maintain security and stability in these areas. Its naval vessels are also equipped with ST Engineering iDirect’s advanced mobility modems which enable their maritime forces to carry out their C4ISR (Command Control Communications Computers Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) missions successfully.

A third MoD also counts on Evolution for connectivity for its army, navy, air force, special ground forces, and public sector organizations. Evolution’s reliability and stability mean different defense branches can communicate with one another in real-time and deal more effectively with border challenges. In the pipeline is the deployment of ST Engineering iDirect’s 9800AR aero modem, specifically designed for defense aircraft in an ultra high-speed COTM environment, for airborne ISR purposes along with the iQ 800 aero modem board, designed to integrate directly into a ARINC 600 enclosure.

“The Evolution platform is the technology of choice for MoDs across the Asia Pacific region. Its repeated selection is testimony that this platform provides a field-proven, highly reliable and versatile solution that supports mission critical applications across Asia, no matter how tough the environment,” said John Arnold, ST Engineering iDirect’s Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific. “We continue to deliver the functionality that meets the extreme needs of our government and defense customers across all their operations whether on land, sea or air, giving them the strategic advantage that they need.”


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