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The industry’s most powerful return technology has been acclaimed for setting a new benchmark in agility, scalability and efficiency.

Washington, D.C., March 22, 2022 – ST Engineering iDirect, a global leader in satellite communications, has been recognized with the prestigious World Teleport Association’s (WTA) 2022 Teleport Technology of the Year award for its Mx-DMA® MRC (multi-resolution coding) solution.

The introduction of Mx-DMA MRC brings forth the full scalability of TDMA (time-division multiple access) return technologies to efficiency levels of SCPC (single channel per carrier).

WTA Teleport Technology of the YearMx-DMA MRC has evolved from the award-winning Mx-DMA HRC (high resolution coding) technology and triple award-winning Dialog platform to offer unprecedented service agility while extending the availability of Mx-DMA to very large networks at lowered ownership costs.

Mx-DMA is a patented multi-access waveform that incorporates the scalability of MF-TDMA with SCPC efficiency into a single return technology. Its unparalleled scalability means that service providers can cover more use cases while ensuring efficiency for satellite capacity sharing across multiple terminals and applications. Without trade-offs in speed, efficiency, scale and cost, service providers benefit from bandwidth savings and higher profits.

Kevin Steen, CEO of ST Engineering iDirect, was presented with the award at the 27th Annual Teleport Awards for Excellence Luncheon on March 22nd during the SATELLITE 2022 conference in Washington, D.C.

“We’ve invested in research and development to create what we believe is an unparalleled and industry-leading solution for satellite communications technology. To be recognized by such an eminent institution is a true reflection of our work and how well Mx-DMA MRC is regarded by our customers,” said Steen. “Service providers are continuously seeking new ways to improve the efficiency of their satellite networks to counter high bandwidth costs, increase profitability or push more traffic over satellite. Our waveform innovations have been pivotal to fulfilling these requirements and are widely deployed and used in the field today.”

The award follows last year’s release of Mx-DMA MRC, a revolutionary approach to take Mx-DMA to the next level.

During the SATELLITE 2022 event this week, the ST Engineering iDirect team will be available at Stand #1001 to take visitors through Mx-DMA MRC, and its wide portfolio of products and solutions for diverse markets.

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