ST Engineering Launches BrightCity Smart Water Solution to help Cities Transform Water Infrastructures

ST Engineering Launches BrightCity Smart Water Solution to help Cities Transform Water Infrastructures

Singapore, 7 June 2024 - ST Engineering’s Urban Solutions business today launched BrightCity, a groundbreaking suite of integrated smart water advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) solutions. Designed to address critical challenges faced by cities and utility providers, BrightCity empowers data-driven water optimisation. 

Cities worldwide grapple with ageing water infrastructure, insufficient real-time operational data, and fragmented smart water meter systems that create data silos. In response, BrightCity offers a cost-effective, end-to-end solution for smart water meter monitoring and control, applicable to both large-scale brownfield and greenfield deployments. A key feature of BrightCity is its best-in-class meter-agnostic Meter Interface Unit (MIU), which transforms conventional water meters into connected smart water meters that enable data collection with enhanced accuracy and efficiency. 

“BrightCity marks a significant leap towards sustainable water management.  It is the result of a robust engineering, overcoming current water AMI limitations,” said Gareth Tang, Head, Smart Utilities & Infrastructure, Urban Solutions, ST Engineering.  “By digitalising conventional water meters infrastructure at scale, BrightCity provides real-time insights, empowering utility providers and end users to manage water consumption effectively and enhance sustainability.”

Key components of the BrightCity Product Suite

1. Meter Interface Unit (MIU)
The best-in-class MIU is designed in a compact form factor and can be easily attached to existing meters to provide wireless communications connectivity for digitalised data collection and transmission to a centralised Meter Data Management System. The meter-agnostic MIUs are compatible with most water meter brands, eliminating the need for costly equipment replacement, and are suitable for brownfield and greenfield implementations. They can also be paired with other monitoring devices to provide a full water utility solution.

2. Meter Data Management System (MDMS)
The BrightCity MDMS integrates and centralises real-time data from meters to enable automated, end-to-end monitoring and control of cities’ metering infrastructures over large areas. Its encrypted data management system enables secured data collection, trend analysis and provides real-time alerts. The insights derived can be extrapolated for predictive water leakage detection, enabling enhanced water management. 

3. Open wireless communications network
BrightCity is designed to work on open communications networks such as NBIoT/CatM and LoRa. This eliminates communications network and equipment lock-in to enable greater flexibility over multiple deployments. 

4. Customer Portal
The customer portal and mobile application provides end users with real-time water consumption readings and comparison benchmarks to help them better manage water usage and detect unusual consumption patterns.

The BrightCity Product Suite will be on display at the American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference and Expo (ACE2024), California, U.S., from 10-13 June 2024 (ST Engineering Booth No. 3306) as well as at the Singapore International Water Week from 18-22 June 2024 (ST Engineering Booth No. K15). 


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