ST Engineering moves to 5G Smart Rail Operations,  paving the way for Future Rail Innovations

ST Engineering moves to 5G Smart Rail Operations, paving the way for Future Rail Innovations

Singapore, 16 February 2024 – ST Engineering today announced that its Urban Solutions business continues to make headway in its Smart Mobility capabilities with the integration of 5G technology in its Smart Metro solutions, paving the way for the adoption of Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) and digital rail innovations that will transform the future of rail and passenger experience.

ST Engineering Urban Solutions’ AGIL® Smart Metro Control Centre and AGIL® Passenger Information System solutions will leverage the advantages of 5G including high speed, massive capacity and low latency, to enhance rail communications connectivity, operational efficiency and safety. Streamlining multiple communication infrastructures, the move to a single 5G wireless network will allow rail operators remote digital access to all rail resources, facilitating quick, seamless and reliable communication between trains and ground control, as well as cost savings. Through real-time data transmission, rail operators will be able to efficiently monitor, manage and maintain train systems, enable accurate location tracking as well as swift incident response.

In addition, rail passengers will have much quicker access to real-time travel information on the go, and the ability to utilise multi-media rich applications such as reliable live video streaming for an enhanced travel experience.

ST Engineering Urban Solutions will be looking to bring its 5G-enabled Smart Metro solutions to markets such as Europe, where rail operators are starting to gear up for the transition to FRMCS, the future 5G worldwide standard for railway operational communications.

“With our Smart Metro solutions deployed on rail networks across the world, our move to 5G will help our rail operator customers fast track their rail infrastructure modernisation plans to elevate operational efficiency and improve passenger service, positioning them well for the 5G future. In addition, our 5G-enabled Smart Metro solutions will open access to new rail markets, creating future growth opportunities for our business,” said Bernard Chow, Head of Mobility (Rail & Road), Urban Solutions, ST Engineering.

ST Engineering Urban Solution’s 5G Smart Rail Operations will be showcased at the Singapore Airshow, 20 - 25 February 2024, at the ST Engineering Pavilion (G01).


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