ST Engineering’s IoT Solution to Monitor Performance of  Lifts in Singapore

ST Engineering’s IoT Solution to Monitor Performance of Lifts in Singapore

Transforming scheduled and preventive lift maintenance regimes into digitalised and predictive maintenance, the AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution addresses key challenges in the industry while elevating standards in lift safety and reliability 

Singapore, 13 September 2021 – ST Engineering today announced that its non-intrusive AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution will be progressively installed on lifts in Singapore starting this year, in one of the largest scale deployments of a smart lift monitoring solution to date. The solution enables 24/7 remote lift status monitoring and diagnostics, providing centralised, real-time visibility of lift operations across different manufacturer brands, models and locations to the building owner, lift operators and technicians. This enables early anomaly detection, reporting and resolution to enhance operational efficiency, lift safety and reliability.

Co-developed with established lift measurement device manufacturer Henning GmbH & Co. KG (Henning), the cloud-based AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution employs remote diagnostics and edge analytics which is backed by proven smart sensor technology. Brand-agnostic and compatible with most manufacturer brands and models, the plug and play solution eliminates the need to integrate with existing lift systems, allowing quick installation in a flexible and scalable manner that supports multi-tenancy, multi-asset and multi-site management. Additionally, its patented rope sensor technology allows for quick deployment and enables technicians to perform lift rope tensioning accurately and efficiently to optimise rope life.

“Large-scale lift maintenance is both complex and laborious, yet there is little room for error as every lift needs to be maintained at the highest standard for safety. The AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution provides unparalleled transparency of lift performance data which will significantly change the way lifts are being maintained, delivering improved reliability, safety and productivity while alleviating the industry’s manpower issues,” said Yao Shih Jih, Head of Smart Utilities and Infrastructure at ST Engineering. “The AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution is a great example of how our innovations are helping industries digitalise to create new value and seize new possibilities.”

How it works

Smart sensors are installed on the lifts for multi-edge computing and data collection, and undergo sense-making at the secure and unified Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This generates real-time insights on lift performance and provides predictive analytics of individual lift components for maintenance planning that leads to reduced lift downtime and optimised component service life. These improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs and wastage, leading to more sustainable lift maintenance in the long-term.

Integrated with a mobile application, the AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution provides real-time alerts and incident updates on the go, including remote diagnostics that identify possible causes and provide recommendations for more accurate and quicker diagnoses of lift issues.

The AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution is part of the smart city solutions suite comprising smart mobility, smart utilities and infrastructure, and urban environment solutions offered by ST Engineering’s Urban Solutions global business area. With more than 700 smart city projects across 130 cities in its track record, ST Engineering helps cities transform into connected, resilient and sustainable spaces to enhance quality of life for communities all over the world.


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