ST Engineering Secures Ammunition Contracts in Europe

ST Engineering Secures Ammunition Contracts in Europe

Singapore, 17 June 2024 - ST Engineering announced that its Land Systems business has secured contracts for NATO standard 155mm ammunition with new customers in Europe. The contracts not only highlight ST Engineering’s competitive edge in the ammunition segment but also underscore the increasing trust in its cutting-edge solutions by global defence forces. 

These wins were a result of competitive tenders and mark a pivotal expansion of ST Engineering’s footprint in the ammunition segment. The 155mm ammunition system stands out due to its extended-range high-explosive projectile and modular charge system designed for 155mm gun howitzers with 39 and 52 calibre barrels.  

In addition to the 155mm ammunition, ST Engineering has also received orders for 40mm ammunition from European customers. Its catalogue of more than 58 variants and its engineering ability to customise the munition to meet unique operational needs of its customers from over 40 countries attests to ST Engineering’s position as a leading provider of 40mm solutions.

These contracts with a value of more than S$100m were secured between April and early June 2024.

Lim Kok Ann, President, Land Systems, ST Engineering, said, "In a world where safeguarding peace is of paramount importance, our defence solutions stand as pillars of strength, ensuring security and stability for nations. These new contracts not only reflect our position as a trusted partner within the NATO community, but also demonstrate our defence expertise in meeting the evolving needs of modern artillery operations.”

A key feature of ST Engineering’s 155 ammunition is its strict adherence to the NATO Joint Ballistics Memorandum of Understanding and the Standardisation Agreement (STANAG) requirements. This compliance ensures interoperability and reliability, critical factors for NATO forces. The ammunition system is capable of engaging targets at a range of 30km with standard NATO 155mm/39 calibre guns and extends to 39km with 155mm/52 calibre guns, demonstrating superior range and effectiveness.

The announcement is in conjunction with Eurosatory 2024, where the Group’s range of 155mm and 40mm ammunition is on display from 17 to 21 June 2024 at the ST Engineering booth B344 in Hall 5a.  


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