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Singapore, 19 October 2023 – ST Engineering today announced that the Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has awarded a contract to its Urban Solutions subsidiary as part of a consortium, to design, build and maintain Abu Dhabi's first multimodal Intelligent Transportation Central Platform (ITCP) over three and a half years until 2027. As the consortium lead, ST Engineering Urban Solutions will design and build the ITCP in addition to being responsible for system integration and overall project management, while consortium partner Injazat Data Systems LLC (Injazat) will provide the IT and security infrastructure and system interfaces.

The first multimodal intelligent transportation management platform in Abu Dhabi, the ITCP will integrate various subsystems and data sources into a centralised platform, enabling the Abu Dhabi ITC to implement effective multimodal transport strategies through automated response plans. The ITCP will leverage AI capabilities to enable real-time road traffic monitoring and incident detection, automated traffic information dissemination, as well as traffic congestion prediction capabilities, enabling shortened incident response time and improved traffic flow. Beginning with road transport management, the ITCP is designed to connect to other transport modes including rail networks and others over time.

Chew Men Leong, President of Urban Solutions at ST Engineering, said, “The Intelligent Transportation Central Platform is poised to improve road travel in Abu Dhabi, enable citywide transport network visibility and management for the transport authorities as well as efficient and seamless commuter travel. Securing this project reflects the industry’s confidence in our advanced transportation network management capabilities. The ITCP will be the cornerstone of Abu Dhabi’s world-class sustainable transport system vision, and we look forward to partnering the Abu Dhabi ITC to support its success.”

The ITCP is central to Abu Dhabi’s Transportation Mobility Management Strategy 2030, which aims to improve the emirate’s public transport system, control traffic growth and reduce road congestion to cope with the demands of projected population growth.

ST Engineering Urban Solutions has a decade-long track record of implementing urban transport management projects in the UAE including the iTraffic system in Dubai, an AI-powered traffic management system that monitors and manages the city’s road networks. Apart from intelligent transport management systems, ST Engineering Urban Solutions provides other advanced road transport solutions including smart digital junction, fleet management, electronic tolling, and congestion pricing solutions. To date, it has delivered over 200 road projects in over 40 cities worldwide, including over 60 intelligent transport system projects.

Injazat is the UAE's homegrown technology champion in digital transformation, playing a critical role in supporting organisations across a wide range of sectors including healthcare, smart cities, energy, banking, and mobility in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia. With a commitment to excellence, Injazat is dedicated to driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform industries by enhancing the digital landscape of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.


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