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Singapore, 15 January 2024 - ST Engineering today announced that its Urban Solutions business has unveiled an advancement in airport security with the deployment of its next-generation AGIL® Secure Integrated Security Management Platform (“AGIL Secure”) at the Dhoho Kediri International Airport in Indonesia, establishing the solution as a pioneer in on-demand, agile integrated security platforms. AGIL Secure offers comprehensive, real-time visibility and management of all security operations and functions across the airport and its associated buildings, ensuring a heightened level of safety for travellers. ST Engineering Urban Solutions is deploying the solution in collaboration with partner PT. Sinergi Teknoglobal Perkasa.

Built on best-in-class security standards and protocols, AGIL Secure differentiates through its advanced command and control platform that provides an integrated and unified operator experience. The vendor and database-agnostic platform seamlessly integrates various security subsystems encompassing identity management, access control, video and analytics, intrusion detection and physical security, combining functionalities such as automated incident response, compliance management, analytics and reporting onto a single interface. The cloud-native, modular and scalable platform is designed to be future-proofed, with the capability to operate with advanced security technologies as well as with legacy systems, reducing implementation time and deployment costs. While designed as a cloud-native application, AGIL Secure can pivot to an on-premise solution through its extensive library of microservices to cater to different requirements.

“Our next-generation AGIL Secure solution addresses the key limitations in existing security platforms such as integration complexity, proprietary subsystem restrictions and rigid workflow management. It combines complete and scalable critical infrastructure protection with cost-effectiveness and ease of use for security operators and service providers. This deployment at Dhoho Kediri International Airport marks AGIL Secure's first international airport foray and demonstrates our partner’s confidence in our capabilities and expertise in large-scale and complex integration. We look forward to a successful collaboration with PT. Sinergi Teknoglobal Perkasa, and bringing AGIL Secure to new applications and markets," said Tay Wei Li, Vice President and Head, Global Sales and Business Development, Smart Security and Automation, ST Engineering.

“The AGIL Secure solution helps the airport integrate multiple security subsystems on one holistic platform with a visualisation dashboard for seamless operations and incident management. It provides overall situational awareness for better decision making, enhances operational efficiency and resource management, and enables faster responses from on-site personnel,” said Andi Sjachrial, Director, PT. Sinergi Teknoglobal Perkasa.

Dhoho Kediri International Airport is set to be a new gateway to East Java, Indonesia, and is the country’s first privately developed airport. Situated 150 kilometres south-west of Surabaya, the airfield and associated buildings cover a vast area of 330 hectares. The airport is being built to provide improve connectivity and boost the economy of the southern part of the East Java province, as well as to supplement the operations of Juanda International Airport. It is expected to commence operations in 2024.

With established experience in deploying government-grade access control technologies,
ST Engineering’s Urban Solutions business has deployed security solutions in more than 150 cities to secure mission-critical activities for governments and enterprises, safeguarded over 10,000 physical access points for more than a million people, as well as facilitated over 250 million of frictionless interactions annually.

The AGIL Secure solution will be showcased at Intersec, 16 - 18 January 2024, Dubai, at the ST Engineering booth (S1-F31).


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