ST Engineering Unveils Next-Generation Smart Mobility  Innovations at SITCE 2022

ST Engineering Unveils Next-Generation Smart Mobility Innovations at SITCE 2022

Singapore, 2 November 2022 – ST Engineering will unveil its latest Smart Mobility innovations at the LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE 2022), Asia-Pacific’s leading public transport event. Helmed by its Urban Solutions business, its showcase themed ‘Enabling Green Digital Mobility’ highlights how its advanced smart metro and urban traffic management solutions reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, optimise efficiency for transport operators, and enable seamless commuter connectivity.

Chew Men Leong, President of Urban Solutions at ST Engineering, said, “As existing transport systems and networks grow in usage, mitigating their environmental impact will become an increasingly important consideration for cities. Innovative mobility solutions and services that leverage advanced technologies to optimise and improve efficiency of transport systems and networks will play a key role in paving the way to a greener mobility ecosystem. We are proud to present our extensive suite of advanced Smart Mobility solutions that combine our proven capabilities with continuous innovation to help transport agencies and operators address their mobility challenges, improve accessibility and safety, while advancing the sustainability agenda.”

Smart Mobility Showcase

ST Engineering will debut new Smart Mobility innovations as well as proven solutions. Highlights include:

  • AGIL Smart Digital Junction Suite, to be piloted in Singapore

Transforming conventional traffic light control, the latest release of the AGIL Smart Digital Junction Suite leverages edge processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimise traffic signal timings based on real-time traffic conditions, enabling smoother vehicular flow, reduced vehicle idling time and carbon emissions. It features an AI-driven edge processor that is operable with various traffic controllers in the market, as well as a cloud-based Central Management System that remotely monitors and manages the traffic controllers at each junction. This simplifies junction management and traffic controller maintenance, significantly improving operational and cost efficiencies. The AGIL Smart Digital Junction Suite also supports LiDAR sensors, video analytics and emerging technologies such as Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) connectivity and autonomous vehicles, serving as a future-proofed mobility platform for future smart cities.

A pilot of the AGIL Smart Digital Junction Suite is planned in Singapore in the coming months. Based on results from an earlier trial, smart traffic junctions can reduce vehicle waiting times by up to 20 per cent, with fewer stops at intersections and reduced travel times compared to junctions with conventional signal control systems.

  • AGIL Smart Station Management System

The new AGIL Smart Station Management System is a 3D virtualisation platform of a metro station integrated with a centralised control and management system that allows station personnel to monitor the real-time operating status of a station’s subsystems to ensure continuous operations. Besides allowing the physical location of faulty equipment to be quickly pinpointed to minimise downtime, the AGIL Smart Station Management System enables the automated activation and shutdown of subsystems such as station lighting and escalators and optimises HVAC systems, reducing electricity as well as resources needed to perform these manual tasks. It can also detect overcrowding on platforms to facilitate crowd management response for improved safety.

Other smart metro solutions on display include the new touchless AGIL Automatic Fare Collection System which is linked to the new AGIL Autofare mobile app for mobile payments, and features a physical self-service ticketing kiosk that uses hover-touch technology. The commuter only needs to hover their finger over the display screen to interact with it. Urban Solutions will also be exhibiting its enhanced AGIL Platform Screen Door with Motorised Gap Filler, an automated step that bridges the gap between the platform edge and train floor to facilitate wheelchair and stroller access and improve commuter safety.

Mobility Ecosystem Partnerships

Besides the technology showcase, Urban Solutions will be partnering with members of the mobility ecosystem to extend its global market reach. It will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with traffic technology group SWARCO to jointly explore collaboration on the AGIL Smart Digital Junction Suite in Singapore and opportunities to provide end-to-end traffic and junction management solutions in global markets. Urban Solutions will also sign separate MOUs with Union Gas Holdings, Terra Sol, EVOne Charging and H2G Green to onboard them onto its EV charging platform. 

ST Engineering’s Smart Mobility showcase is at Booth D01, SITCE 2022, 2 - 4 November 2022, Suntec Singapore Exhibition and Convention Centre Level 4.


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