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Diving Support Vessel

Our DSV is a high specification, DNV classed vessel built to meet future environmental standards. The vessel is fuel efficient, clean-class, comfort-class and ICE-class, and is thus able to work in most of the world's offshore oil and gas precincts.

Capable of round-the-clock operations, the DSV features a 900 m2 main deck operation area supported by an offshore heave-compensated 140t crane; built-in ROV chambers capable of launching 2xTriton XLX work class ROVs from both the port and starboard side; saturation diving system comprising 3 x 6 men saturation chambers with a Transfer-Under-Pressure (TUP) system; and a two-man bell with built-in moon pool.

The DSV is also equipped with air-dive capability and is complemented by a heli-deck located at the bow for off-site service support.

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