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Factory of the Future

We believe that tomorrow's products cannot be created with yesterday's technology. Thus, we have utilised smart technologies to bring smart engineering solutions to our manufacturing plants and worksites.

With the implementation and integration of Industrial 4.0 initiatives into our manufacturing operations and processes, we leverage innovation to create and capture new value for our customers. Explore how we have equipped our Factory of the Future with the Manufacturing Simulation Centre, Operations Centre, robotics and automation and integrated supply chain management.

Manufacturing Simulation Centre

Our Manufacturing Simulation Centre is the integrated centre for all manufacturing modelling and simulation. We use a virtual twin environment for process validation and planning before production. By using model-based manufacturing and simulation technology, we can design and analyse the production data, optimise the process, improve product quality, and shorten time-to-market. 

Operations Centre

The Operations Centre is a centralised nerve centre to provide real-time end-to-end decision support systems for manufacturing operations. Utilising data analysis and visualisation tools, production trends and performances can be monitored and managed instantaneously.

Robotics and Automation

The implementation of robotics and automation is an essential part of Industry 4.0. Robotics provide consistency and precision in production. Automation improves turnaround time and streamlines processes. These solutions improve productivity, accuracy, repeatability and quality of our production lines.

Integrated Supply Chain Management

At our shopfloor, material planning, order allocation and distribution are integrated and managed through a material management system. Digitalisation in supply chain management enables connectivity and traceability of suppliers, warehousing and quality assurance. 

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