Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

Cities have been exposed to threats from terrorism, sabotage and random violence. This makes it paramount to have in place an intelligent surveillance system to protect lives. The City Surveillance and Protection Application offers an effective solution for security authorities such as Law Enforcement Agencies, Counter Terrorism Units or even Civil Defence Forces responsible to maintain peace and order. This application is also of high importance to Fire Fighting and Emergency Rescue Agencies deployed in crisis management.

Application Highlights

  • Eye in the sky, day/night and ability to see through smoke
  • SMART automatic virtual perimeter intrusion detection and alert generation
  • SMART tracking and pointing of vehicles and people of interest
  • Integrated multi video common picture
  • User friendly independent remote sensor control from common situation picture
  • Configurable video distribution and sharing

Smart EO Products Featured

  • Navis –For all units night driving through cities without streetlight and through smoke
  • Helmis –For law enforcement units helmet mounted short range thermal night vision
  • Coris-Lite –For law enforcement units handheld long range thermal night vision and location pointing
  • Micro-TM –For aerostat mounted long range day and night vision and location pointing
  • Micro-T –For rotary UAV mid range day and night vision and location pointing
  • 360 Manager –For command units to have integrated complete application video management, analytics and user interface (GUI).

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Surveillance Systems