We Know What It Takes to Keep Aircraft Flying Safely

The Aviation cluster will showcase our solutions as a world-class original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider with integrated and proven life cycle solutions. With capabilities from design and manufacturing to repair and overhaul, we know what it takes to keep aircraft flying safely.

See how we seed the future with innovative solutions, from Wing-in-Ground craft that redefine maritime transport, to unmanned aircraft systems that can support a wide range of applications in urban and harsh environments.

Revolutionising Coastal Travel & Logistics

AirFish Wing-in-Ground Craft

For maritime logistics operators, coastal tourism operators, oil spill responders, first responders or Medevac service providers, and military/coast guards

The AirFish family of Wing-in-Ground (WIG) craft redefines maritime transport by enabling safe, sustainable and swift coastal travel and logistics.

Utilising aerodynamic forces and air pressure generated between itself and a water surface, AirFish WIG craft are able to fly at thrice the speed of existing marine craft. This brings about significant reduction in time savings and convenience for maritime public transport, luxury travel, delivery of parapublic services as well as potential military applications.

The first AirFish platform, an eight-seater, is slated for certification and entry into market by 2025. Learn more about the AirFish WIG craft at our pavilion.

Heavyweight drone solutions with long endurance payload


Suited for logistics and delivery companies, infrastructure and asset inspectors, and security and surveillance operators

DroNet is a drone-agnostic operating platform capable of integrating autonomous, multi-function Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) networks. It supports applications in security, surveillance, inspection and middle-to-last mile deliveries in an urban or harsh environment, allowing one-to-many flight operations with features such as obstacles detection & avoidance, precision landing and real-time data analytics.

Explore our new DrN-series drones which come with longer endurance payloads and can be used with DroNet to support:

  • Medium/high risk operations with higher payload capacity
  • Shore-to-ship deliveries through winch system capabilities
  • Safer, more efficient defect inspection in hard-to-access power infrastructure, leveraging advanced AI technology

Boosting Firefighting Efforts with Converted Airtankers 

New 757P2T (Passenger-to-Tanker) aircraft

Designed for firefighting organisations

Leveraging our extensive capabilities in aircraft conversion, we are developing the world’s first Boeing 757P2T (Passenger-to-Tanker) aircraft for aerial firefighting. 

At the ST Engineering pavilion, learn more about the 757P2T which features a large carrying capacity and custom-designed retardant dispensing system to combat wildfires with greater resource efficiency compared to existing firefighting airtankers.

Our teams are finalising the engineering design for the prototype aircraft. Conversion work will begin mid-2024 followed by testing and subsequent entry into service around late 2025 to early 2026.

Supporting your diverse needs

Comprehensive suite of MRO solutions 

Serving commercial aircraft operators, air cargo operators, aircraft lessors and lessees, and private and general aviation operators

Our MRO solutions span across airframe, engine and component, which can be fully customised and offered under a ‘bundled service’ model to meet customers’ diverse needs under one roof.

As part of our continuous efforts in growing capabilities to support airlines’ evolving needs, we joined CFM International’s authorised LEAP maintenance network in early 2023, which allows us to provide the full range of engine MRO solutions for operators transitioning to new-generation aircraft powered by the LEAP engines. Discover our full suite of MRO solutions at our pavilion.

Delivering full MRO services for LEAP engines

Learn more about our full range of solutions for LEAP engines including engine overhaul, proprietary parts repair technology, engine pooling, and leasing.

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