Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Revolutionising How We Work and Live

We draw on our years of aviation and engineering expertise to design versatile and customisable Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) solutions that revolutionise traditional operations. These UAS solutions provide real-time videos and photos to enable critical assessment, advanced troubleshooting and better decision-making. Manual work processes such as infrastructure and security inspection can thus be made safer, more convenient, more efficient and more effective.  

We have conducted successful trials in public safety monitoring, perimeter security surveillance and even delivery services. We have ongoing collaborations with Wilhelmsen Ships Service to develop and test drone solutions for shore-to-ship parcel deliveries in Singapore, and with foodpanda to trial drone solutions for food delivery.

Scalable Drone-Agnostic Operating Platform

As the first in Singapore to be approved for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights, our very own DroNet is a drone-agnostic operating platform capable of integrating autonomous and multi-function UAS networks and artificial intelligence to reduce operator workload.

An end-to-end system designed to carry out multiple tasks or services in an urban environment, DroNet can potentially assimilate small-scale operational networks into a unified UAS city network to enhance urban living, security and convenience. It can be also tailored for military uses and applications.

Developed in close consultation with aviation regulators and industry partners, DroNet incorporates the latest smart technologies such as multi-UAV operations, visual imaging analytics and generative AI to meet existing and future uses of UAS in a robust and safe manner.

DroNet is equipped with enabling features that include detection and avoidance of obstacles, GPS-less navigation, precision landing, and real-time data analytics. This highly scalable solution, which can be safely deployed via the 4G/5G network to cover remote locations, is capable of conducting diverse operations from deliveries to site inspections, making its potential use cases limitless.

Key components of DroNet

  • DroHub, the centralised command and control station.
  • DroPort, an independent, all-weather UAS docking and charging station. It can be placed in harsh environments to house UAS, with the ability to conduct battery and payload swapping to ensure mission continuity.

For customers who want a one-stop turnkey solution, we provide a holistic solution comprising DroNet and our in-house developed DrN-series drones that come with high mission specific payloads and the ability to support:

  • Medium/high risk operations within an urban environment.
  • Middle-mile or shore-to-ship deliveries through disposable boxes or winch system capabilities.
  • Safe and efficient infrastructure inspection leveraging on advanced AI technology for defect, detection, for instance for hard-to-access power line infrastructure.

Potential applications of DroNet in cities

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First Authorised Drone Solution in Singapore for MRO Work

Developed by our engineers, DroScan, a drone solution with smart analytics capability is the first drone solution authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for use in General Visual Inspection (GVI) during maintenance work on Singapore-registered aircraft.

DroScan uses drones to fly autonomously along planned routes around the aircraft fuselage to capture high definition images, thereby allowing indirect GVI to be conducted through live video feed and images. The same images can be fed through algorithms that detect and classify defects to assist the review process, with an inspection report generated to maintain a digital database. The system provides a repeatable inspection process to ensure consistent quality and reliability while reducing inspection time and risks of working at height.

DroScan is incorporated in our MRO work on Singapore-registered aircraft, and it will be available in more facilities across our global network. 

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