ST Engineering in the United States

ST Engineering in the United States

In the U.S., we operate in over 52 cities across 21 states with our headquarters in Alexandria, VA. More than 7,000 employees in the U.S. harness technology and innovation to deliver innovative products and solutions for diverse industries. For over 20 years, we have invested in growing our presence in the country, establishing a robust network of businesses spanning diverse segments, each recognized for its leadership within its specific domain. Today, our teams focus on the aerospace, satcom, land transportation, defense and public security market segments to serve commercial, military and government customers.

"The U.S. holds a pivotal role in ST Engineering's global operations, contributing approximately one-third of our Group's total revenue. Our success in the country is intricately intertwined with the broader achievements of the Group, and our commitment to this market has remained unwavering. 

We continue to actively cultivate strategic partnerships and nurture local talent, and stay relentless in our pursuit of technology and innovation."

Nose to Tail Commercial Aerospace Solutions

As the world’s largest airframe MRO solution provider and an OEM specializing in engine nacelle and composite panels, we deliver proven solutions for practically every stage of an aircraft life cycle across our global network of dedicated facilities. Through passenger-to-freighter conversion, we give ageing aircraft a new lease of life.

About half of the Group's commercial aerospace workforce are based in the U.S., providing OEMs, aircraft owners and operators quality nose-to-tail MRO services and products. Learn more about our aerospace operations which include commercial airframe MRO facilities in Florida, Texas and Alabama, our engine nacelle centre of excellence in Maryland and engine wash solutions based in Connecticut. 

Urban Solutions and Smart Mobility

Our urban solutions businesses in the U.S. are paving the way for connected, resilient and sustainable cities, realising the Group's vision to shape the future of cities.

Discover why businesses and government agencies turn to our innovative transportation solutions, including industry-leading congestion pricing systems from TransCore, to improve traffic flow and reduce carbon emissions. 

Explore how autonomous mobile robot solutions from ST Engineering Aethon meet your material delivery needs across the healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality industries.

Satellite Communications

A global leader in satellite communications solutions, we provide technology and solutions that advance global connectivity, enabling our customers to expand their business, differentiate their services and optimize their satcom networks.

Today, we are pioneering a world-class cloud-based satellite ground infrastructure platform that enables multi-orbit, multi-access technology that transforms satellite service delivery.

Explore our industry-leading satellite ground solutions from ST Engineering iDirect and find out more about military satcom solutions from iDirect Government, a trusted partner of the U.S. government.

Defense and Digital Solutions

We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the requirements of U.S. defense customers.

Discover the latest military simulation technology and training systems from MAK Technologies, a global leader in modeling and simulation software that links, simulates and visualizes virtual worlds in networked synthetic environments.

Specializing in ruggedized and non-ruggedized computers for military, government, industrial and commercial aviation applications, Miltope delivers solutions that perform reliably under demanding environmental conditions.

Learn how military satcom (MilSatCom) solutions from iDirect Government support the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Government and allies. 

Specialty Road Vehicles and Equipment

With engineering at our core, we design and manufacture a wide range of equipment for road construction, emergency vehicles as well as custom truck bodies and trailers for the beverage and service industries.

Explore the latest asphalt paving vehicles and equipment from North Carolina-based ST Engineering LeeBoy.

Discover the portfolio of emergency vehicles and vocational truck bodies and trailers, for dry freight and refrigerated cargo, from Hackney and Kidron

Our Sustainability Approach

ST Engineering believes that creating value for our stakeholders in a sustainable manner is essential to the Group’s success. Our business processes reflect long-term and multi-stakeholder considerations, balancing our customers’ needs today with what the world needs tomorrow.

We believe in doing well while doing good, and adopt a two-pronged approach of doing our part and enabling our customers. This includes offering products and solutions that enable our customers to operate sustainably while conducting our business ethically and responsibly.

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