You Can Work and Still Have Fun

You Can Work and Still Have Fun

The enormous LeeBoy warehouse is filled with the bubbly personality of Rosa Smith, who views her workplace as a second home. After Rosa was laid off during the epidemic, she found out about LeeBoy and a warehouse associate role that was open. She applied and was hired for the position!

As a warehouse associate, Rosa’s daily tasks include receiving packages from their vendors, such as UPS, FedEx, and Amazon, and then distributing all the packages and restocking the shelves. Her duties take her around many parts of the warehouse and office, so she gets to meet and interact with colleagues from different teams and departments – one of the perks of her job as she enjoys getting to know and winning people over.

Also part of the first responders team, “Safety Captain” Rosa is always looking out for and fixing safety issues to keep everyone safe.

Finding family and appreciation

After joining, it didn’t take long for Rosa to feel like she belongs at LeeBoy. She is in her natural environment, and her work doesn’t go unnoticed. To her, the company feels like family, and that sense of belonging is what she loves most.

As someone who works behind the scenes, Rosa understands that it’s easy to feel unappreciated, but she is adamant that the stereotype is untrue. At LeeBoy, everyone is valued. It shows through the many bonding events and benefits the company has provided for staff. She cannot think of more that needs to be done for personnel because LeeBoy already does a lot.

Keeping fit and having fun!

Rosa logs eight to ten miles (about 13 to 16 kilometres) of daily walking on the job, as we discovered during ST Engineering MOVEment last year. She was one of our top 10 performers in the U.S., and she does not intend to break her streak in this year’s global edition. Her driving forces are her love of helping others and her passion for competition. It’s a lot of fun!

Rosa is impressed by how her hard work at Leeboy gets noticed and the support she gets that enables her to do anything. She’s also impressed with how Leeboy goes out of their way to take care of staff and that the door is always open for them.

According to Rosa’s pals, she is unfiltered and loves to laugh and have fun. Working at LeeBoy allows her to be her true self. With that, she has no immediate plans to retire. And we are glad for that too, every workplace could use a positive worker like Rosa to brighten our days.

Rosa, you have our admiration!

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